Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System Review 2016

Bose Solo Series II Overview

Here you can find our Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System Review.

Following on from the very popular Bose Solo 15 (Sept 2014) and its predecessor, the original Bose Solo (Sept 2012), the Solo 15 Series II was released in September 2015 and is set to continue and improve upon the Bose winning formula.

The Main Improvements are:-
- the addition of Bluetooth Connectivity so you can also listen to music, radio and podcasts by streaming wirelessly from your smart device directly to the Bose soundstage.
- the addition of a Bass Control function on the remote Control

Appearance and Design

The attractive design is similar to earlier models with a matte black finish and a metal grille with the Bose logo in a silver finish at the centre. And, there are now two indicator lights under the logo - a status indicator light and a bluetooth indicator light.

The Bose is designed to fit neatly under your TV and give you great clear sound for television, movies and music without being obtrusive.

One really great feature is the Dialogue Mode which makes it easier to hear what is being said by improving the clarity of speech without having to continually adjust the volume. Some owners have reported that they no longer need to use closed captions since getting a Bose Solo 15.

And, at just 3 inches high, it has a surface area of 24 ¾ inches wide by 14 inches deep and can support a flat screen TV of up to 75 lbs in weight with the dimensions of the TV pedestal no greater than 24" x 12".

Of course it can be used with any TV of any dimension if you want to put it on a shelf or on a unit just below the TV. The main thing to check is that you can place it so that it is centrally aligned with your TV to get the best sound enhancement.

As you would expect from Bose their 2016 one-piece speaker is engineered with quality materials to give a stylish and elegant appearance whilst delivering rich clear sound to enhance your enjoyment of television and audio entertainment .

Bose Solo 15 Series II Speakers

How does it work?

The Bose contains five 2 ¼ drivers - three front firing speakers and two side firing speakers which, together with the built in TrueSpace technology, produce a "wide" spacious sound while the dedicated centre speaker handles the vocals to provide clear crisp dialogue at any volume.

The provision of a dedicated dialogue speaker is particularly important for older viewers who often find it difficult to make out the dialogue on a flat screen tv's built in speakers which is often muddy, making it difficult to understand. The remote now has a bass control button to set the bass level and this is an improvement welcomed by many owners.

Bass Control on Remote

The great advantage of having a sound base is being able to enjoy your TV viewing more completely than you ever can with thin built-in television speakers. Bose are renowned for their technological expertise that can reproduce detailed, full and natural sound.  Most people who have experienced the difference this unit makes often say there only regret is that they didn't get a soundbase before.​​

Tell me more about the Universal Remote Control

The Remote control supplied is a Universal Remote Control which means that you can use it to control other devices in your home entertainment system.  Bose supply a list of codes that you use to programme your remote and their thoughtful design means that this is actually very straightforward to do.

This is a very neat bonus as it saves you buying a Universal Remote control if that was on your shopping list.

Remote Control

In addition, the Bose Solo 15 II has an infrared sensor, meaning it is able to be controlled by universal remotes made by other companies.
If you already have one it is worth contacting the manufacturer to see if they have a code for controlling the Solo 15 series 2.

Will I be able to connect it up myself?

This soundbase is really easy to set up - just one connection from your TV's audio out socket to the audio input on the Solo 15.  Bose supply both an Optical cable and an RCA cable so you have whichever one you need in the box.  And there are good, easy to follow  instructions and descriptive pictures in the manual if needed.

All you need to do is place your Bose sound base under or below your TV, plug it in to a power supply and connect one cable from your TV to the unit and you're good to go.

Simply connect your TV and enjoy !

Features and Details 

Bose Solo 15 Sound Base

The Bose Solo 15 is just 3 inches tall and is suitable for televisions size up to 50 inches and up to 75 pounds in weight. It has a strong metal construction with an attractive and contemporary black matte finish.

It is a stand alone TV Sound system and is simplicity itself to set up and use - no trailing wires, no speakers to place around the room - plug it in, make one connection to your TV and you're ready to enjoy great sound.




Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System

TV Size 

Up to 50 inches on Bose, unlimited on shelf

Max TV weight

75 lbs  


3 front, 2 side/rear - total 5

Optical Audio


HDMI Inputs






RCA analogue audio 


Max TV Base Size

24" W  by  14” D   (72 x 31 cm) 

Remote Control

YES - Programable

Remote APP



YES - Front Indicators for On/Off/Standby and Bluetooth

Who is the Bose Solo 15 Series 2 for ?

For anyone who wants to improve the sound quality coming from their flat screen TV but doesn't want to have a surround system and several speakers with connecting cables around the room, a Soundbase is an ideal solution.  It is a single unit, one piece device that is a breeze to set up and enjoy.

And if you enjoy music and podcasts and Spotify on you iPhone or tablet, then you can enjoy an immensely better experience by streaming it through this all-in-one speaker system.

Most people also appreciate the improved vocal clarity saying that it is a lot easier to follow the on-screen dialogue, even at lower volume settings. And for those people whose hearing is not great, this makes a massive difference to viewing enjoyment.

If you have a very large room then you may want to check out a dedicated surround sound system with multiple separate speakers, but for small and medium sized rooms this will make a tremendous difference and do the job simply and easily. 

Whilst you might also look at a soundbar, unless you get one with a separate subwoofer - which adds to the speaker clutter - then you won't be able to get the same base levels as with this Sound base unit.

What's in the Bose Solo 15 Box?

Inside the box is

  • Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System unit
  • Power Cord
  • Optical Digital Audio Cable (Toslink)
  •  Analogue Audio Cable (RCA)
  • Universal Remote Control
  •  Operating Instructions Manual
Bose Solo 15 Series II - Rear

Dimensions of the Bose Solo 15 Series II

The Bose Solo 15 is designed to look good with your TV and your living space.

Finished in matte black is provides an attractive, durable and stable surface for your TV and is finished with a matte metal grill.

Weighing 17.1 lbs / (8 kg) and measuring

  • 3.0"  H
  • 24.75"  W
  • 14.0" D

It will support a flatscreen TV weighing up to 75 lbs  with a TV base of up to 24"  Wide by 12.25” Deep

Dimensions of Bose Solo 15 series 2

Bose Solo 15 Series 2 Connections

Bose Solo 15 Connectivity

The Bose Solo 15 three options for connecting up to your TV. Optical Digital audio (cable supplied), Co-ax digital audio(cable NOT supplied) and RCA Analogue Audio connectors (cable supplied) enabling a straightforward setup with a single connect from the Bose Sound base to your TV.

Just plugin the unit to a power socket and connect to your TV audio out with a single cable and you're good to go.

The best audio connection recommended by Bose is the Optical Digital but with the choice available this will be suitable for pretty well all flatscreen TV sets.

So, basically, instead of TV sound being output through the built-in TV speakers, it is sent to the Bose where the inbuilt technology and dedicated speakers produce full clear sound that you can enjoy straight away.

Bose Solo 15 Sound System - Conclusion

All in all this is a great Soundbase that will enhance your TV viewing experience and is loaded with up to the minute features.  The clarity of the Bose's sound is excellent giving crystal clear sound so you can hear your TV and understand what is being said.

It is an excellent replacement for the TV's internal speakers giving a pleasing amount of bass without it booming out excessively.  Ideally suited to small and medium sized rooms it is a neat and unobtrusive solution that will greatly improve the audio in your home.

The Bose Solo 15 Series 2 delivers a major improvement to your flatscreen TV's sound in a one piece stylish and elegant unit from a Premium Brand and comes with the legendary customer service that Bose are famous for, giving you complete peace of mind.

Bose Solo 15 series 2 on unit


Which versions of Bluetooth are supported?

The supported Bluetooth versions for this system are A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP/HSP.

Can I use a non-Bose remote control?

You can program a non-Bose remote control, such as your cable/satellite box remote, to control the system. You'll need to look in the manual for the non-Bose remote control to find the right code to program it (or check their website).

Can I use the Solo 15 for gaming?

Yes you can as long as your game console is connected to your TV,  Bose Solo 15 will enhance all audio playing from your TV with rich, deep bass and clear highs including audio from games.  Or, if you're using a dedicated monitor, you can connect the Bose directly to your console digital audio out.

Will the Solo 15 work with my old flatscreen TV?

The Solo 15 series II has three different audio input connections, so it can be connected to almost any TV ever built. It includes Stereo RCAs, Digital Coax, and Optical connectors.

Can I connect the Bose to my TV with an HDMI cable?

The Solo 15 Series II system does not have HDMI connections.  This is because this system only handles audio and HDMI is an audio and video connection. Using an optical audio cable, which is the best pure audio connection available, is recommended to get the best sound from your TV and a an optical audio cable is included in the box.

Can I stream music from my iPhone to the Bose soundbase?

Yes you can as the series 2 includes bluetooth connectivity. Just pair your phone with the Bose unit and the Solo 15 behaves just like any other bluetooth speaker but with excellent Bose sound.

Will it help me to hear what they're saying on TV?

Yes it will - this Bose unit is specifically designed so that you can hear the speech and dialogue clearly and has a dedicated centre speaker for this function.  And there is a specific "Dialogue" mode too.