Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System Review

The Bose Solo 15 Sound System is the 2014 version of the established Bose soundbase, updating the very popular Bose Solo that has been available since 2012.

It Has Been Updated Again and named the BOSE SOLO 15 SERIES II

With a matte black finish and a metal grille with the Bose logo in a silver finish at the centre of the grille. It takes up very little space and fits neatly under your TV giving great sound for television, movies and music.

And, at just 3 inches high, it has a surface area of 24 inches wide by 14 inches deep and can support a flat screen TV of up to 75 lbs in weight. Constructed with good quality materials it looks classy and delivers a strong clear sound as you would expect from Bose.

Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System Review

Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System Review

So what has changed in this 2014 model? Well, the Solo 15 is the same height but slightly wider and accommodates three front speakers vs two on the previous model, plus it has two additional side firing speakers to enhance the listening experience.  Bose have built on the success of the earlier model and produced a newer version that is actually better sounding than the original.

However, this model doesn't have BlueTooth included and as this feature is becoming more sought after, Bose have updated their Solo TV  to a newer model, the Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System, which does includes Bluetooth functionality.

Thus, this model can be found at a lower price now, so if you don't want or need Bluetooth, then this will make an excellent purchase at an attractive price - Check latest here.

The form factor is very similar to the previous model, being suitable for most flat screen TVs up to 50 inches.  Just check the dimensions of the TV pedestal - they should be no greater than 24" x 12".  Of course it can be used with any TV if you want to put it on a shelf or unit just below the TV.  The main thing to check is that you can place it so that it is centrally aligned with your TV to get the best sound enhancement.

The great advantage of having a sound base is being able to enjoy your TV viewing more completely than you ever can with thin built-in television speakers. Bose are renowned for their technological expertise that can reproduce detailed, full and natural sound.  Most people who have experienced the difference this unit makes often say they wonder why they didn't get a soundbase before.

And, the soundbase is really easy to set up; simply connect your TV and enjoy !

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Bose Solo 15 Soundbase Overview

Bose Solo 15 Sound Base

The Bose Solo 15 is just 3 inches tall and is suitable for televisions size up to 50 inches and up to 75 pounds in weight. It has a strong metal construction with an attractive and contemporary black matte finish.

Adjustments can be made to the bass level using a control know on the rear but otherwise this is simplicity itself to use - no trailing wires, no speakers to place around the room - plug it in, make one connection to your TV and you're good to go.




Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System

TV Size 

Up to 50 inches

Max TV weight

75 lbs  


3 front, 2 side, 2 rear

Optical Audio


HDMI Inputs






RCA analogue audio 


Max TV Base Size

24" W  by  12.25” D   (72 x 31 cm) 

Remote Control

YES - Programable

Remote APP



YES - Front Indicator

Who is the Bose Solo 15 TV Sound base for ?

If you want to have great sound with a flat screen TV but don't want to have a surround system and several speakers around the room then a Soundbase is an ideal solution.

If you have a large room then you may want to check out a surround sound system but for small and medium sized rooms this will make a tremendous difference. 

Whilst you might also look at a soundbar, unless you get one with a separate subwoofer - which adds to the speaker clutter - then you won't be able to get the same base levels as with this Sound base unit.

Most people also appreciate the improved vocal clarity saying that it is a lot easier to follow the on-screen dialogue, even at lower volume settings. 

What's in the Bose Solo 15 Box?

Inside the box is

  • Bose Solo 15 Sound System unit
  • Power Cord
  • Optical Digital Audio Cable (Toslink)
  •  Analogue Audio Cable (RCA)
  • Universal Remote Control
  •  Operating Instructions Manual
Bose Solo 15 - What's in the box

Dimensions of the Bose Solo 15 Soundbase

The Bose Solo 15 is designed to look good with your TV and your living space.

Finished in matte black is provides an attractive, durable and stable surface for your TV and is finished with a matte metal grill.

Weighing 17.1 lbs / (8 kg) and measuring

  • 3.0"  H
  • 24.75"  W
  • 14.0" D

It will support a flatscreen TV weighing up to 75 lbs  with a TV base of up to 24"  Wide by 12.25” Deep

Dimensions of Bose Solo 15

Bose Solo 15 Connections

The Bose Solo 15 has Optical Digital audio, Co-ax digital audio and RCA Analogue Audio connectors enabling a straightforward setup with a single connect from the Bose to TV.  Just plugin the unit to a power socket and connect to your TV audio out with a single cable and you're good to go.

So, basically, instead of TV sound being output through the built-in TV speakers, it is sent to the Bose where the inbuilt technology and dedicated speakers produce full clear sound that you can enjoy straight away. 

On the downside, there is no bluetooth connection for smart phones/ tablets although these can be connected with a wired connection.

Bose Solo 15 Connectivity

Bose Solo 15 Sound System - Conclusion

All in all this is a great Soundbase that will enhance your TV viewing experience and is loaded with up to the minute features.  The clarity of the Bose's sound is excellent giving crystal clear sound so you can hear your TV and understand what is being said.

It is an excellent replacement for the TV's internal speakers giving a pleasing amount of bass without it booming out excessively.  Ideally suited to small and medium sized rooms it is a neat and unobtrusive solution that will greatly improve the audio in your home.

The price is currently discounted at Amazon ​so don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your flat screen TV at a truly affordable price.

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Bose Solo15 on unit below TV