Bose Solo TV Sound System Review

The Bose® Solo TV Sound System has been available for nearly three years now and is a very popular choice for enhancing the thin sound that results from ever thinner flat screen televisions.

In this review we will look at all aspects of this established soundbase so that you can make a well informed buying choice.

The Bose Solo TV Sound System is an attractive, low profile single unit that fits neatly under your TV.  As it only needs just one connection to the TV and one power supply  lead, this is a very easy set up that takes just a minute or so.

Designed in sleek black to match most flatscreen TVs, this unit will look great in any room. Check out this short video !


So, if you have been relying on the built in speakers from your flat screen television up until now then you’re in for a very pleasant surprise!  You’re about to discover that there is far more sound in your tv shows and films that you have ever experienced before.

And with the advanced sound technology that Bose is famous for you’ll experience a wide range of sound evenly through the room.  Many people will not want the clutter of 5 or more speakers and their cables dotted around the room so this makes for a sleek and tidy alternative solution.

In particular, if you have problems distinguishing speech dialogue many users who have bought a Solo for just this reason have reported great improvement in their viewing and listening experience with this unit.

The setup routine is straightforward. Place the Solo on your TV stand, then place your TV on top of it. All your other devices connect directly to your TV, usually via HDMI, then you connect your TV’s audio output to the Solo. Plug in the Solo’s power cord and that’s it – job done!

What’s in the Bose Solo Box ?


The Bose Solo comes with a remote control and three different audio input cables so that you have everything necessary to plug it in and enjoy your favourite shows with crisp clear dialogue and subtle sound effects that you’ve probably never noticed before.

In the Box:-

  •  Bose Solo TV sound system
  •  Remote Control – simple, four-button remote for volume, mute and power
  •  Power Cord
  •  Optical Digital audio cable
  •  Coaxial digital audio cable (for Europe only)
  •  Analogue stereo audio cable


Placement of the Soundbase

Bose Solo PlacementWhen choosing your sound-base an important consideration is where it will fit in your home. The Bose® Solo TV sound system is designed to be placed under your TV. For best results the centres of the Bose and the TV should be aligned vertically and you will need to keep them close together so that the audio connector cable will reach.

Dimensions of the Bose are

Bose Solo Dimensions

  • Height:   3 in     (7.4 cm)
  • Width: 20.75 in (52.5 cm)
  • Depth: 12.25 in (30.9 cm)
  • Weight: 10.1 lbs (4.6 kg)

When placing your flatscreen TV directly onto the Bose Speaker it is important to note that the Bose Solo is designed to support TVs that weigh no more than 40lb (18 kg), have bases no wider than 20″ (50.8 cm) and no deeper than 10.25″ (26 cm) — a requirement met by most flat screen TVs up to 42″.

Of course if the TV base is too large to fit on top of the system, for larger TV’s or for wall mounted TV’s the Bose may be placed in another location such as on an open shelf under the TV or a media cabinet.   For best results the centres of the Bose and the TV should be aligned vertically and you will need to keep it close to your TV so that the audio connector cable will reach.

If placing the sound system in a cabinet, or on a shelf, position the front of the system as close as possible to the front edge of the shelf for optimum audio performance and always make sure there is at least a one-inch space between the wall and the rear of the system to provide adequate ventilation and bass sound development.


Bose Solo ConnectionsMost TVs today have the three types of audio outputs for which cables are provided in the box.  Always use the highest quality output available to enjoy the best audio performance.  In order of preference, Optical is the first choice, Coaxial the second, and Analog the third.

Only connect one cable at a time.  If you want to use additional devices connect everything through the TV and then, with the Bose hooked up to the Audio out on the TV and the sound on the TV muted the Bose will play the sound for the device that you have selected via your TV input selection.  So you can use a PS3, Wii and cable or satelliteTV through it with no problems, assuming that your TV will take inputs from each device.

One point to note is that the Bose does not have a bluetooth connection for streaming media from your smartphone and it does not include an HDMI input.

If you would like to see the manufacturer’s manual for this product Click Here


The Bose® Solo TV Sound System is a great looking addition to any room and provides wide even sound throughout the room with the Bose speaker array technology.  The single unit fits neatly under your flatscreen tv and connects up easily with the supplied connection leads.

When you buy the Bose1 from you benefit from Free 30 day tech support so if you do need any help Amazon’s trained technicians will provide phone support to get set up and enjoy your new sound experience.  Additionally you benefit from the legendary Bose customer support if there is any further help or assistance that you should need so that you can be reassured that you are well supported.