What is a Soundbase?

What is a SoundBase

So what is a Soundbase?

Soundbases provide a simple all in one solution to the problem of poor TV sound produced by todays flat screen TVs.  As flat screen tvs have become ever thinner, they simply lack the space to incorporate decent speakers, resulting in a thin tinny sound quality that detracts from a great viewing experience.

A sound base looks like a large flat rectangular box and fits neatly under your flat screen television.  The soundbase houses bass and treble speakers and because of it’s depth and size produces a richer sound than a sound bar alone.

What is a SoundBase for?

To all intents and purposes, a SoundBase is a TV speaker that sits directly underneath your TV and you can even place your flat screen TV on top of the speaker.  So the positioning means that it doesn’t block your screen, doesn’t need a separate subwoofer as it has the capacity to include bass speakers.  So although it is bigger than a sound bar it is much flatter and the vertical profile is lower.

Sound bars became widely available last year to provide enhanced tv sound in a small form factor – especially suitable where separate speakers around the room are either impractical or unwanted.  However, they struggled to provide a rich bass and so separate subwoofers were added to round out the overall sound.  But this detracted from the small simple form factor.

Since a sound base is quite a bit bigger than a sound bar, it can produce really good bass without the need for a separate subwoofer whilst retaining a neat uncluttered form factor.  The design of a soundbase means that it fits neatly between the TV and TV stand effectively using space that would otherwise be wasted and  no additional equipment is needed

Several well known manufacturers produce this form of sound bar – variously named sound base, sound plinth, sound plate, sound console and TV base speaker.  New models for 2014 were showcased at CES 2014 and were well received.

Some sound bases have been available for a while.  For example, the Bose Solo TV Sound System has been available since mid-2012 and is a very popular choice.  ZVOX have a range of 5 soundbases to suit a variety of setups. And the
Klipsch SB 120 TV Sound System with Bluetooth Wireless Technology is a very popular choice too.

Installation is very simple – a basic setup require just a power lead and audio lead between TV and Soundbase

As more products become available there will be variations in what each can provide and this site http://www.soundbases.com will provide a useful guide to help you choose the most suitable sound base for your needs.